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Important Disclaimer:

I did NOT develop the final Shopify Build & Buy Customizer Plugin that was implemented on the website. However, I WAS the leader in the process of brainstorming, researching, and designing the initial design concept to be implemented for the build & buy customizer plugin. I was also part of the design team that tweaked and gave feedback during testing before the plugin went live.

SPACE Trailer Education Guides Implemented

Basic fundamental guide that answers most-asked questions from users using the build & buy customizer. (Which stabilizer jacks do I need for a rooftop tent? Which tires are best for off-road terrain? etc.)

A trailer “options” and components educational guide, this is the full in-depth SPACE Trailer guide. It details all the primary components of a SPACE Trailer and all options and accessories available for you to choose from (and explanations for which activities they would be useful for).

Compilation of standard specs and features that come on every base model trailer (out of box, no customization required). Also highlights why SPACE Trailers stand out amongst competitor utility trailers!

accessories that is….