Product discovery and research. Combine list of features to detail in each video.

Visual Storyboard

Create visual shot list for client to approve based on initial discovery content.

Staging + Filming

Stage products and capture initial footage for first product. Use as template for additional 4 products.


Footage sorted, clipped, and pieced together in Premiere Pro. Then, text, motion graphics and other elements added in After Effects.


Final videos used in digital marketing campaigns and currently live on product website pages.


While in the studio getting footage for the individual products, a videographer was also involved in specifically handling the camera to get the actual footage to streamline the process (two is faster than one!) I directed, set-up shots (I created shot list, etc), and packed, staged and placed products, while he worked alongside me getting the shots I needed with the camera. [additional credits can be found in the below footer of this page]