Primary Logo Design (+ Variations)

Unique, bold, creative, and sometimes unorthodox, Amy was noticeably passionate about her process and the unique materials she used. Looking to transition from smaller scale pieces to focus on high-end sculptures, a well-defined identity capturing who Amy is at her core, but encompassing this new transition were important.

The primary logo was originally focused around Amy Haid Studio, branding to use at her brand-new studio space in downtown Siloam Springs, AR. Upon getting to the final round of nailing down a logo, Amy got engaged and decided to move her studio space to a prime location in Downtown Bentonville, AR. Final branding was then tweaked to Amy Keever Gallery.

Personal Expansion

Down the line, Amy contacted me to tweak the original branding and remove the “Gallery” portion to be used on personal projects (such as the smaller scale sculptures or jewelry that can sold store-front, etc).

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Mosaic Tiles

Material Close-Up

Skull Profile

Portfolio Shot

Skull Close-Up

Detail Shot

In the Element

Amy Working in Studio

In Progress

Sculpting with Styrofoam

Horse Profile

One of Several “Ponies”


In-Progress Sculpture Shot

Pony Series

Profile shot for Portfolio