Primary Branding

A simple, balanced square logo symbolizing the simplicity of the brand. This clean element is an inspiration of growth, stability,  and the well-rounded services ARCH Studio provides for their clients. The primary logo would primarily be shown in either traditional white or black.

Next, we cultivated a brand color palette symbolizing the uniqueness and inspirational qualities to the firm. Used as accent and secondary elements in brand creative (digital, web and print), these colors are a way of showing different corners of the company including stationary, prints, signage, construction site banners, etc.

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Primary Logo
Signage Mockup
Primary Logo
Real Studio Office Poster
Logo in Use
(did not create website)
Primary Logo, Mockup
Ex. logo use w/ accent colors
Primary Logo
Window signage mockup

Multi-Faceted Branding

After the original rebrand design project was completed, ARCH Studio wanted to expand the current identity for a developing branch of the company, Urban Home Studio, a “ready-to-purchase” house plan marketplace for urban and suburban lots.

Taking the original architectural shape of ARCH Studio’s primary logo, we tweaked the design to directly match. Leaving room for further brand element expansion as well as future branches to develop off of the primary ARCH Studio, Inc brand identity.